Friday, June 20, 2014

'ADMIRABLE IS THE NAME OF GOD' <--- Jesus sed to me you'll get many blessings when you say it many times per day for the sin of blasphemy. the Warning is coming soon!! Let's be weady for Jesus and, thank God, I'll get a normal-speaking-ability, though I really don't think this inability to say R is so bad seeing as we'll be dead soon. Do you know of anyone who's lived before 1899? Thot not. Howsabout the Pilgrims and their cool Blunderbuss? Boy, that's a play-on-words (ad/mir/able: A.D. = Christ; MIR = the Yugoslavian word for 'peace'; and ABLE = do the deed, dudes) Bien faire et laisser dire: la foi transporte les montangnes! (French: do right and fear no man: faith moves mountains!) Why did the universe evolve with only the earth revolving around the Son, the GiverOfAll? Why do we have day/night to do/reflect? God is THAT fire as those wacky saints have sed: turning away from God is to NOT have the fire, becoming horizontally ignorant and cold "It is impossible that anyone should not receive ALL that he has believed and hoped to obtain; it gives Me great pleasure when men hope great things from Me and I will always give you more than you expect" -Jesus to Saint Gertrude Seventh-Heaven is to love, love, love eternally: to give'm a soft, delicious back-rub with oil under a whirrring fan with palm trees whispering in the shade. Nthn else... unless you want mo, and I certainly can provide mo. Even though you may consider yourself ugly on earth, you'll be utterly gorgeous in Heaven. So, look-up for everything - even thots God has secretly planned just for you (doesn't matter if I'm head injured: break-free of this world and literally grow-up; I invite you to travel along the dark, thorny path which is ending). God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL (PS [Latin:] if 'caput' is head + 'mortuum' is dead = this earth is a broken record)
Jesus, I trust in You
Better git Christ's P/R

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

High, girl! Originally, I made this peAce for the Topeka, KS personals, yet, found it sooo inherently-fragrant, I gotta! wanna! share!! I'm 45ish, gittin' older, not a day goes by when I don't make some sarcasticly-dry-comment, Cap'n Sandy Hook; muscular with Lance-Armstrong-thighs, clean-cut, blue eyes/blond hair, wore contacts for yeeers, teeth which'll knock-yore-socks-off, and Jesus is my drug of choice; gotta wanna gimme gotcha wok’n-N-tok'n problem, fabulous punkUationalist and a candy-coated-Wordsmith like DNA; hardcore Christian (was brought-up Catholic, but, alas! find most of them are very cold AND quite proud - perfect for the antichrist), head injured, MUST! have a total passion for nekk'n-N-caress’n! and, believe-it-or-not, I saw Heaven when I almost croaked ...but God turned me around and sed I must return because we had some souls which couldn't be saved if we didn't. I know. Difficult to comprehend due to narcissistic abortion (<--- bad P/R? Alleluia!! read Acts 5:29). Almighty God sent this sinfull mortal on a mission at 15 when I was in a severe accident - my girlfriend, a bombastically-brilliant-bombshell, Janet Irene, was DOA at 17 at Stormont (we were going to a debate practice - remember Mr. Davis at WRHS?), thus, God Almighty simply detached myself from this world for my own good; I didn't see any need for the many therapisseds if God already knew the Hour-Of-Departure: methinks that's total humility which very few have anymore; to know our finite existence is but a few days and we perish, never more to be seen except by larvae underground (Thou know'st 'tis common, all that lives must die, passing through nature to eternity -Shakespeare), and to totally accept the Trinity now, my injury and grow-up, I’m A-L-L for my subordinate salute to the King of Hearts - she was a fantastic example of how nobody gits outta here alive. What's 111 years if your indelible soul's power-hungry and greedy?? What other strength and love is there but God's when we're doomed to perish and lying in the morgue with a toe-tag?? What's the length of Coney Island, NY in comparison to the universe and beyond?? A totally, totally sliver of NTHN when Jesus has soooooo much to give U.S. if we'd just look-up and not down at our retarded Iphones. Think of all the sand on earth, k, formed into a rrrock’n DJ (our Divine Judge)? In our solar system, in the universe? And, yes, the universe is finite - what's surround'n Heaven? The Eternal-Ultra-Vastness of Eternity is all for YOU: to be obsessed and possessed withe abnormal wonders Upstairs; the exquisitely-colour-tested, multiplied-by-seventy-seven-pieces-of-eternal-jewelry... I west my case --- Lemme give youse an example. Let's say you had a floppy-eared-canine who never got off his rumpus; a Mediocre Dog with a smooth, Mellow Woofer waaay down south in Looooo-ISI-annna where they tok like it takes all day: rarely lifted his head, barely barked, never looked for deliciousNnutritious 'possummms cuzz that's tooo diffcult ...and always farted. Howja like THAT potta stanky sourkraut?? Exactly the way this stanky nation has become: a load-of-old-farts who bitch-N-moan about nothin’ but the whorizontal - absolutely nothing on earth is eternal, folks; everything turns back into corruptible, exhilarating insignificance. Thus, don’t we have the absolute RIGHT to damn ourselves if Almighty God sent His Only Son and we callously brushed that away after a meesly 88 years in our search for the transitory?? Read this over, al-Qaeda, atheists, Satanists, Hells Angels... umm, I mean, al-Bundy, and you'll see there's actually a Hell and it ain't pleasant; frankly, even my worst enemy I don't wanna see in Hell because you cannot get out --- Almighty God has flagrantly, fragrantly blessed this sinfull mortal withe wisdom to go into the world and 'preach' with our Holy Cross WARNING: Cheap Trik has a guitar for sale… no strings attached. If you think that’s a scream, just lookit this. How voluminously ironic I tok about all these high ideals and transcendentalisms when I myself sigh-N-moan over lovely girls. Don’t you find that very act antithesis of Vitamin See?? While many cognizantly exclude the very hint of the bastion-of-passion, the supernatural supervision and onomatopoeia of love making, they seem to dilute and surpass their zoo-illogogical, fuel-consumption by less-than-four-minutes, ya pronounced appendage you. That certainly isn’t what I’d do. Here’s what I’d do in Heaven: Seventh-Heaven’s exudingly healthy witheir Crux-of-Krooks, their cumulative euphoria without occupational hazards, without the damaged goods we may take - my very own, personal desire for ten-thousand-months, gorgeous-love-without-end is fulfilled: we’d succumb to the tumultuous thermometer, we’d expiate the extraordinary day-after-day, we’d wiseabove to vehemently unbearable to the celestial. And when you’re obtuse? Why, you straighten-up to rock-your-world-with-Jesus without the bodacious Gatling Gun and other relentless abstractions!! If sex is the only thing most of us think about, which Satan shall accuse us of, why not kick-his-ass by having sex in Heaven? Sex for eternity? Why not? Why wouldn’t God allow that??? For those who do receive the Great Beyond? Who DON'T fornicate before marriage? Anything and everything is yours. Dream big, America. God loves that --- PS 'porquoi pas, ma amie?' [French] The language has two, distinct male/female possessive pronouns, thus, that phrase means 'why not, my friend?' [MA is female]. Get it ...?? Ketch the subliminal oratory? If you don't, that's just guhroovy: I'm ON this world (for a short time), not OF this world (for any length of time). I'd prefer a head-injured-girl who's a pretty-fabulous-mountain biker, preferably quite mature in her sagacious wisdom, leaving time for prayer each night with me, too; I'd also love for you to be a child in your sweet, savvy, raw laughter while a saint in your kindness. I am. Second monumental question: what's the End# of pi, atheists? Hmmm. That's funny. I thot you knew everything. God knows. And I hear the number stretches A-L-L the Way across the universe in a papyrus font to arrive on His doorstep with a sigh. Gotta see God, dudes, and ya gotta wanna help us EXPUNGE the bad guys by the Rosary (<--- DEFinately a cool word [to obliterate]) - doesn't matter if you aren't a Catholic. Our Mother wasn't, either. She became the Mother of Humanity precisely because Jesus asked her. Cya soon, toots, or I'll see youse Upstairs.

God bless you